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  • Address : 539 Hwaeomsa-ro, Masan-myeon,Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
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Templestay Introduction

▲▲The exquisite harmony of Jirisan's fog & Seomjingang's breeze beckons you to come over here▲▲

Hwa Eom Sa temple is literally as same as a treasure house since there are many a cultural heritage that the Korean government have designated as national treasure, and is also a holy place for Buddha's enlightenment spread over to area of mountain Jirisan that is sacred to the Korean people.

Throughout the 1,700 years of time, the temple has kept not only Buddha's teaching intact but the Korean history, culture, and the tradition. What is more, the exquisite harmony of Jirisan's fog & Seomjingang's breeze beckons you to visit repeatedly.

This temple was built in the 5th century by a monk Yon Gi who had brought the Avatamsaka Sutra(Hwa Eom Gyung) and has been called as Hwa Eom Sa temple. As the Sutra describes the realm of the Buddha's enlightenment, Hwa Eom Sa can be considered as a world of the enlightenment.

The great master Eui Sang stayed at the temple and developed it, as a mother temple of the sect of Hwa Eom, into a huge compound including 8 temples and 81 hermitages during a reign of king Gyung-duk(742-764 A.D.) in the United Shilla dynasty. Some of the outstanding national treasures are still surviving from that period.

During a war of the Japanese invasion(1592-1598), all of the temples were burnt down except some stone lanterns & pagodas and were rebuilt ever since then so there still exists lots of national treasures. Won't you come on in and experience the Korean Buddhism and the culture?

Hwa Eom Sa’s Temple Stay Program
Hwaeomsa is a place where you can find peace in your mind and discover your true self amidst wonderful natural surroundings.
We HwaEom Sa are running a variety of seasonal programs according to a change of the climate. Some of the attractive programs include a walking through the wheat fields in February, a visit to the Cornelian Cherry Festival and a rafting along Seomjin river during cherry blossom season in April, making a wild green tea leaves in April, a hiking to Jirisan in June, Templestay at the Korean traditional Chuseok, Autumn season in the temple, Christmas at the Temple, and so on. We can accommodate 150 people at once.

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Hwaeomsa's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Templestay

    [Hwaeomsa] Relaxation Type - A present of my own


    Our program offers you a rest and peace in your mind as you could spend a daily life in a holy place of Buddha's enlightement together with a wonderful nature surroundings. What is more, you could be...