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Templestay Introduction


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A Temple Stay program blessed by nature with four seasons of the year…
According to an Indian monk named Ven. Yeongi, the temple was founded during the reign of Baekjae King Seong (544 C.E.). It was a holy place for enlightenment that spread out over the area of mount Jirisan, which was very sacred for the local people. Though its history was 1500 years, Hwaeomsa not only preserved Buddha's teaching but also Korean history, culture, and tradition.
In accordance with its long history, the temple has many cultural assets, and even considered as the “Treasure storehouse of Jirisan”. Most of the important temple buildings are in the area around the main courtyard. The temple is quite snug, intimate, and the majestic air still remained. The other temple buildings placed on a higher elevation and leave the whole area open so that it will not block the view.
The Gakhwangjeon Hall is the largest existing Buddha Hall in Korea. According to the legend, there was a poor old woman who was reborn as a princess and built a building as her offering. Also, the stone lantern in front of the Gakhwangjeon is the largest stone in Korea because of its subtle and refined quality.
On the other hand, when people visited the Hwaeomsa, they forgot to go to the place called, “Hyodae” which is located on top of the hill behind the Gakhwangjeon. If you climb up and go straight to the stairs, there’s a stone lantern that looks like a monk and the pagoda is decorated with four lions. The monk seems like making offerings for his mother. It says that the pagoda was built in order to praise filial piety of the temple’s founder, Ven. Yeongi.

Hwaeomsa’s Temple Stay Program
Hwaeomsa is a place where you can find peace of mind and a chance to discover your true self amidst incredible natural surroundings. Here, the clear waters of the Seomjin River meet the beautiful scenery of Jirisan Mountain. Hwaeomsa runs a variety of seasonal programs based on the changes in nature. Some of the notable programs includes a walk through the wheat fields in February, a visit to the Cornelian Cherry Festival and rafting along Seomjin River during cherry blossom season in March, preparing wild green tea leaves in April, a trip for families up Jirisan in June, Five Days Under the Moonlight during Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), enjoying the autumn season from September to November, Christmas in the Mountain Temple, and at striking the Buddhist bell.
The temples can accommodate 200 people at once.

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Hwaeomsa's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Program

    [Hwaeomsa] Recuperation


    Recuperation Templestay is a program in order to experience the daily life in the temple and you need to participate in the schedule given. The maximum period of stay for this program is unlimited...

  • One day Program

    [Hwaeomsa] Daily Temple Stay


    You can stay at the temple for a day; learn the temple's manners, and walk to the forest trail. We are hoping that through tea conversation with Wunim you will have a peace of mind....

  • One night two day program

    [Hwaeomsa] "How beautiful I am!" - The Happiness Meditation with Sunim


    Hwaeomsa temple stay run this program to comfort ourselves and to boost our confidence. We are hoping that through "The Happiness Meditation with Sunim" you can find the seeds of happiness as a pe...