Temple Information 'Jinkwansa'

  • Address : 73 jinkwan-gil Eunpyung-Gu Seoul South Korea122-944
  • Tel : 02-388-7999 / Fax : 02)389-8465
  • E-mail : jintem@hanmail.net

Templestay Introduction

JinkwansaTranquil mountain, SAM-KAK Mt., though it is the same mountain, but differs in its appearances every time you look at it. Depending on the weather, depending on the seasons' change, depending on the angles of view, depending on the viewer's state of mind, it varies considerably.

Although The teachings of the Buddha do not change, but its way of approaching us is expressed in various forms according to the current of time, the objects, and various other conditions.

Now we are in a position to draw another epoch in the traces of millennial history.

In keeping with the demands of the times, leaving behind Buddhism only hoping that people would visit Buddha into the deep mountains, we have opened a different kind of pseudo-sacred history to the cyber world so that many people could easily be in touch with Buddha's teachings in daily life.

Hopefully, this cyber platform will become a world of Buddha where many people can approach freely to the teaching of Buddha, and also will be a heart-warming resting place where for those who are immersed in the time chaos and personal selfishness in the rapidly changing modern civilization.

Jinkwan Temple has been renowned for its 'Temple Food' for over a millenium.Though not being situated at a deep mountain, we, Jinkwan Temple, are considered one of the four largest temples in the vicinity of the Seoul Metropolitan area, and we have invited many foreign embassadors' wives and? introduced 'Traditional Temple Food' to explore.
Bearing the healthy taste and incense of the temple food, we run a temple stay program.?In order to become a living space where the cyber realm becomes richer and more prosperous day by day, active participation of not only the Jinkwan Temple's general Buddists and believers but also all the general public who visit us are cordially requested.
For everyone who visits cyberspace here, I offer a fervent prayer for Buddha's constant blessings.

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Jinkwansa's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Templestay

    [Jinkwansa] The Garden of MindThe Garden of Mind


    Welcome to The Garden of Mind in Jinkwansa!!! Do you want to know about the world where you live? Do you want to know who you are? Do you want to know what makes you happy or unhappy? Do you want ...

  • One day Templesetay

    [Jinkwansa] The Fragrance Of a Mountain TempleThe Fragrance Of a Mountain Temple


    special daily program for group.(minimum of participants : 10 )...

  • One day Templesetay

    [Jinkwansa] Relish the natureRelish the nature


    special daily program for group.(minimum of participants : 10 ) ...