Temple Information 'Lotus Lantern International MeditationCenter'

  • Address : 349-60, Ganghwadong-ro, Gilsang-myeonGanghwa-gun Incheon
  • Tel : 010-5445-1446 / Fax : +82-32-937-7034
  • E-mail : lotuslantern.net@gmail.com

Templestay Introduction

Lotus Lantern International MeditationCenter
A place for people from all over the world to practice…

The Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center, located on Ganghwa-do Island, is supported by low mountain foothills in the rear, while out in front the temple embraces neat, tidy rice fields.

The center was founded in 1997 by Ven.Wonmyeong (1950-2003), a Korean monk who spent years teaching Buddhism abroad, on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Lotus Lantern International Buddhist Center.

The center(temple) offers a standard three program, also a freestyle program- "a lotus flower lantern in heart", experience program "hear sound of silence" in heart and intensive meditation course program.

The freestyle program does not have a set schedule.
Participants are free to read books, take walks, do practice, or engage in communal work periods, according to their personal situations.

The experiential program(more than 2days 1night) will be held in basic programs such as early morning ceremony, tea-time with a monk, evening meditation, and going for a walk in the forest.

It is basically necessary to have a offering for every meal.

Also, in modern society, you can blow away stress from work or relationships and heal well in temple.

I hope you have a good time to look back at yourself in quiet and serene mountain scenery.

I hope all of you will go home with enough healing in Sansa(a temple arrounded by stunning mountain-view)

Thank you.

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Lotus Lantern International MeditationCenter's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Templestay

    [Lotus Lantern International MeditationCenter] A lotus flower-lantern in your heart!


    One night at Sansa(a temple with a mountain), is not it cool? I'll relieve the stress! I'll be healing over there ~ I will rest and relax in an lotus-lanter international seon center with a quiet mo...