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Templestay Introduction

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How is your mind?

The Buddha often compared himself to a doctor, using the metaphor of a makeshift raft for river crossing to describe his teaching. A hundred diseases have as many medicine and it would be most unwise to insisit only one medicine for the treatment of a wide assortment of ailments.

During its 1,700 some years of history, Korean Buddhism has enriched itself by adapting to a multitude of different practices and sutras. However, it has always been faithful to the Mahayana goal of achieving Buddha nature for the benefit of all beings, and all its methodologies have been consistently directed to the cultivation of moral conduct, meditative concentration and wisdom.

No matter what medicine or treatment the doctor prescribes, they all have the same goal of removing harmful toxins from the patient's system and protecting the healthy cells, designed to fully restore the health of the patient.

The Budda was the happiest being in the world because he was enlightened to the true reality of existence in its entirety, completely free from all compulsions and delusions. He was no longer fuelled by desire, nor did he tremble with fear, neither was he choked with misery and he was never burdened with sleepless nights. Having transcended al agonies and aches, the Budda was serene, gentle, pure and generous being. He did not lament the by-gone past, nor was he troubled by the future yet to come.

Human actions can be largely divided into three categories: actions committed by body, speech and mind. All actions give rise to consequences. Good actions result in desirable outcome, bad actions lead to evil conclusions. If we wish to protect ourselves from unbearable pain and suffering, we must discontinue right here and right now, and get into the habit of refraining from such activities. Act with discipline and moderation, speak gently and honestly and think calmly and carefully.

In Buddhism, applying such principles to all our actions is called the practice of the precepts or sila.

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