Temple Information 'Myogaksa'

  • Address : 31, Jongno63ga-gil, Jongnogu, Seoul
  • Tel :
    82-2-763-3109 / Fax : 82-2-763-3305
  • E-mail : myogaktemple@naver.com

Templestay Introduction


That is certainly "I - true self" we should find out.

Myogaksa templestay will open your eyes to see our world that is different from other people's world. This will help you know yourself better.

Today, we live a very busy life, that we often forget to give ourselves .

With programs where you can immerse yourself through 108 prostrations and go on a journey to seek "I - true self" while meditating "Where is your mind?", which is to have a look into your mind.

We always welcome everyone seeking a way to find a happy way of experiencing Sunim's life.

We provide opportunities to experience various aspects of the 1700-year old Korean Buddhism cultureand to share Korean history through intriguing stories told by Sunim.

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Myogaksa's Templestay Program

  • One day Program

    [Myogaksa] "Where is your mind?" for Saturday one day (Afternoon)


    Saturday in a short span of time,you are able to experience simple monks and nuns' life throughout the 1700-years old Korean Buddhism culture ...

  • One night two day program

    [Myogaksa] "Where is your mind?" for 2 days 1night


    You can get a 2 days opportunity on weekends to experience various aspects of the 1700-year old culture of Korean Buddhism. Monks and nuns also known as Sunim will share intriguing stories of Korean h...