Temple Information 'Naesosa'

  • Address : 243 Naesosa-ro, Jinseo-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
  • Tel : 010-3297-2730 / Fax : +82-63-583-7284
  • E-mail : naesosa2@templestay.com

Templestay Introduction

NaesosaA thousand year old temple that will revive both your mind and body…

Naesosa is a thousand year old temple located at the westernmost tip of Korea on the magnificent Byeonsan Peninsula. Contained within the temple’s name is the meaning “May anyone who comes here revive their life.” The temple was founded during the reign of Baekjae King Mu (633 C.E.) by Ven. Hyegu Duta, and was originally called Soraesa temple. No one really knows when the name was changed to Naesosa.

Once you step through the Iljoomun (One Pillar Gate), the fir trees stand towering above the forest road. They emit a distinctive fragrance that seems to purify all that has been tainted by the world. The Daeoongbojeon (Main Buddha Hall) is admired for its elaborate architectural style and it is famed for the elegant decorative flower patterns on the door frames. Inside the Main Buddha Hall is the painting of a white-clad Gwanseumbosal figure, and if you stare at the eyes, they seem to follow you wherever you go. There’s a legend that says if you make a wish while meeting the figure’s eyes, your wish will come true.

There’s also a fascinating story concerning the colorful Dancheong (decorative painting) in the building that is well-known. After construction of the Buddha Hall was completed, an artist volunteered to paint the interior, under the condition that nobody look inside the hall for a period of one hundred days. On the 99th day, a young monk who couldn’t restrain his curiosity any longer, peeked inside the hall, and saw a golden bird grasping a brush in its peak and flying around, painting the interior. Surprised at his appearance, the bird stopped painting and flew away. To this day, one side of the hall remains bare and unpainted.

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Naesosa's Templestay Program

  • One night two day program

    [Naesosa] Meditation


    This is a special program for the ones(foreigners) who want to know how to meditate and to experience various meditation - sitting, walking, forest, tea etc. It would help you to have break from daily...