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  • Address : 167 Mokdongdong-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, 08013, Republic of Korea
  • Tel : +82-2-2650-2212 / Fax : 02)2650-2201
  • E-mail : seoncenter1@templestay.com

Templestay Introduction

International Seon Center The International Seon Center is a modern style of Buddhist Temple in Seoul city as well as Seon (Zen) meditation and Buddhist propagation training center.
The center operate a residential temple stay and daily templestay program to offer direct experience of Korean Buddhist culture for both Koreans and international visitors.

The overall aim of the center is to promote awareness of the inherent value of Korean Buddhism and its practices to the global community. The center contains a templestay facility, a large prayer hall, and a culture and education center, and provides temple-stay programs, Seon lectures, tea ceremonies, and many other programs and activities which aim to provide a living experience of traditional Korean Buddhist culture.
To cater for the needs of international visitors, Korean to English interpretation is provided throughout many of the centers activities.

The center is continuously developing a residential temple stay and daily templestay program to offer direct experience of Korean Buddhist culture for both Koreans and international visitors. In order to further promote the practice of Seon meditation throughout the world, the center holds academic seminars, exchanges ideas with different religions, facilitates international study exchanges, and regularly holds forums on Buddhist studies.

[Program Info.]

===Breath and Rest Templstay(Experienced-based)===
* Every 1st/3rd/4th weekend
* Participants: Open to all
The program you can experience
- Understanding of the Buddhism: learning temple etiquette, story of Buddhist picture(Sim-u-do), Korean Buddhism and culture
- Buddhist practice: Intensive Seon Meditation, Walking Meditation, Breathing Meditation, Happiness Meditation(Widen mind), Formal Temple meal(baru gongyang), Eating Meditation, Lying Meditation
- Psychological Therapy: Mandala Art Meditation, Mind Sketching
- Living in Harmony: Sharing Dharma and Mind
- Meaning of Life: Tea time with Sunim, The last Seven days of life
- Experience of Traditional Buddhist Culture: Traditional rubbed copy, Sutra copying practice, Making Lotus lantern
- Encouraging confidence and achievement: 108 prostration and making prayer beads, Seon yoga
-Wearing Korean traditional clothes(Hanbok)

===Focusing on meditation templestay ===
* Every 2nd weekend
* Program more focused on Meditation for whole 2days period
Open to all(up to teens) who have interest in Meditation but do not know how to start the practice, need detail and right directions as beginners, or want to practice more deeply.

===Relaxation Templestay===
* Year-round operated except Mondays and Tuesdays
* 2days and 1night (If you want to stay more than 2days, please send an e-mail to templestay staff)
(You need to discuss the schedule if your plan will be longer than 2days)
You can freely enjoy the rest and relax yourself near your place.

===Daily Templestay===
* Year-round operated except Mondays and Tuesdays
* 3~4 hours templestay program
experience Korean Buddhist culture and Traditional culture.

=== Saturday Meditation and Dharma Class ===
* Participants: Open to all
* Program Schedule: Every Saturday Evening
- 19:00 ~ 19:30 : Sitting Meditation (30 mins)
- 19:30 ~ 20:00 : Walking Meditation (30mins)
- 20:00 ~ 20:30 : Sitting Meditation (30 mins)
- 20:30 ~ 21:00 : Dharma Talk Q&A Session

* Location: International Seon Center: Temple Stay Dharma Hall, 4th Floor

Aside from Templestays, the Seon Center also offers Saturday meditation classes year-round with the purpose of helping individuals find peace within the hectic modern world. The program is conducted entirely in English and is open to beginners and advanced students alike.

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International Seon Center's Templestay Program

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