Temple Information 'Yakchunsa'

  • Address : 1165 Daepo-dong Seogwipo-si Jeju-do
  • Tel : +82-10-3891-7007 / Fax : +82-64-738-5022
  • E-mail : yakchun@templestay.com

Templestay Introduction

Yakchunsa Yakchunsa Temple stands against the backdrop of Halla Mountain, to the east of Jungmun, where the Pacific Ocean lies in open view. The springwater of Yakchunsa has been known since ancient times to quench thirst and cure illnesses, and water is treasured by the locals. Venerable Hyein founded Yakchunsa in his plans for a great temple that would make Buddhism more prominent. Work on the compound was began in 1981, while construction on the Main Buddha Hall began in 1988. The Buddha Hall, the Five Hundred Arahat Hall, the Beomjongru, the Beopgoru, and the Yosache halls were built over eight years, and were completed on September 15, 1996.

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Yakchunsa's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Program

    [Yakchunsa] Look at your inside


    The participants experience the everyday life in Yakchunsa. You can take part in three daily ceremonies and talk over tea with a Buddhist monk. We believe that you can find out what your true self is ...

  • One day Program

    [Yakchunsa] A day at Yakchunsa


    This program is based on a daily schedule which includes meditation, making 108 prayer beads, introduction to Buddhism, and tea ceremony. Through this, you can taste what Korean Buddhism is, what the ...

  • One night two day program

    [Yakchunsa] Walking on Olle trail and meditation


    This program provides tea ceremony, meditation, making 108 prayer beads,108 prostrations and explaining basic principles of Buddhism. Moreover, you can understand the structure of Korean temple. We b...